4 comments on “Bearcat Battle Sparks Suspentions for 8, But Was It Harsh Enough?

  1. I have to agree, even as a UC fan I thought I saw Yancy Gates for the last time. This is a great rivalry that has gotten out of hand the last couple years. Ibrahima Thomas was punched in last years game, and Gates got an intentional head butt from Kenny Frease in 09. The refs were as much to blame for what happened as anyone. All the talking going on, and nearly came to blows at the half, and not a technical foul issued to any players. Xavier must be so proud of Holloway and Lyons for there absurd remarks after the game. Its good to see X has set aside there Catholic values for a Basketball program.

  2. Rivalry…See Duke vs. UNC That is a true rivalry! Gereld Henderson elbowed Phycho T in the grill and no punches were thrown. Great coaches can control players!

    The ONLY bright sport is Mick Cronin. Every X fan should hang their head in shame. The “gangstas” on the court are an emberassment all around, almost as much as their lack of punishment! I hope X gets Baylor first round in March and gets booted…and yes Baylor is my Cinderella pick this year!

  3. I told someone yesterday every coach in the country needs to take 10 minutes and show every oncoming scholarship athelete Mick Cronins post game press conference. Great stuff on representing your University and what it means and how fortunate they are to be on a scholarship.

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