8 comments on “Tim Tebow vs. Lebron James: Who Would You Take?

  1. Wow Curtis, really making Tebow look like a saint. Its not like hes building hospitals in third world countries, oh wait….Look Tebow is a great human if he waited 16 years Id let him marry both my daughters!! But no way could I choose him over maybe the best player in a league!! I mean Rudy was a great guy and made a tackle on every down he played but im not taking him over top players!

  2. Im on the bandwagon, what can I say!!!!

    I want someone I can count on when the game is on the line. Not someone who is worried more about themselves…. No way your still a LB fan?

    However, LB will be the NBA when Kobe retires. He will ultimatly be just as important as MJ just not as good.

  3. I could not disagree with you more. I honestly think you are delusional. LBJ has almost averaged a triple double throughout his entire career! Now tell me you wouldn’t want to build a team around those averages. Everyone gets so hung up on everything outside the lines. Granted he has choked in big game situations in the past, but he still has quit a bit of playing days left in the tank. He will get his chance and will win multiple championships. I like Tebow, but think you are way out in left field with your post. I even question IQ.

  4. Jase,
    We don’t know what either will do in the long term, but would you pick Lebron over Robert Horry? We still don’t know if Lebron can win the big one. I do think LB will get him one or two, but if I was creating a team from scratch I would prefer a positive team player that is capable of making others better. Tebow is making an average team at best win games. LB makes others around him better but it is still about him. I have always said the key to the Heat is Bosh not D-Wade or LB…Now, Battier added makes this team MUCH MUCH better!

    Still… I’d rather take someone who I know is going to be the face of the franchise for years to come. Someone that I know won’t become bigger than the sport.

    • I wouldn’t let Tebow carry my Gatorade around. Let’s see what he does this week. I will say he wins games, but he looks like a train wreck when he throws the ball. The Lebron issue is dead because he will get his, not to mention them boys in the 305 are winners!!!!!!

  5. Red Headed Canes

    John Elway was saying the same thing but he is quickly changing his mind… I bet $100 the Brocos don’t take a QB in the first four rnds of next years draft……..

    The U won’t be winners again until they get their untouchable swagger back! They need players who know they are great and can put together a run.


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