9 comments on “Michael Sam is gay… The football simply doesn’t care!

  1. Well said! Got right to the point and put the BS aside. He most certainly isn’t the first but he is the most outspoken and that says something about the times and what’s to come. Let’s hope people focus on his stats if/when he makes it to the league.

      • Oh, definitely. I’m sure there are tons of guys out there that are grappling with this situation and if Michael Sam isn’t the oomph they need, maybe it will be someone else. I can’t say whether or not NFL players will just start coming out of the woodwork every other week. However, what this will do (much like Jason Collins last year) is open up the conversation–let the NFL try it on for size– and see if it can overcome its’ stereotypes as “A league full of barbaric alpha males,” as you put it. 🙂

      • Problem with Jason Collins is that he just wasn’t viable in the league. He doesn’t even have a job, so as a result it appeared to be a publicity stunt to attract interest and potentially a job… I am pretty sure Sam will make a NFL roster, so time will tell.

  2. Putting my views on sexual orientation aside, I completely agree with you, the focus should be his football skills and that’s it. Unfortunately the media & sports analyzers like to focus on the “bigger and better story” (in their eyes). Like Denver & Peyton losing, rather than Seattle winning. This is going to be an interesting draft year that’s for sure!

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